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Work, live, and enjoy life pest-free.

A leading Jamaican pest management service for homes and businesses across the island.

High-quality service protecting homes, businesses, communities

The service was exceptional. The team was extremely professional, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. The cost is attractive based on the detail orientation of the team. I have no qualm in recommending them. This is the right company to do business with. I found them through reviews and am not disappointed.

RYMO is an environmentally safe, professional services pest management company

RYMO Pest Control is a family-owned and operated small business in Jamaica. Since we began operations in 2015, we have built a reputation for quality service, reliability, and effective pest management. We are a company you can count on to handle your pest problem in a safe, healthy, and sustainable manner. 

Our size is our biggest advantage. Unlike major franchises unable to monitor the quality of the work delivered under their banners, we are there on the ground every day. You get to speak directly to us and ensure that you get the services you desire. 

We make sure all our team members are appropriately trained and deliver the highest quality of work every time. With RYMO, you can expect:

  • A professional and friendly team 
  • Trained and certified pest controllers 
  • Competitive rates and custom quotations 
  • On-time service, every time


Keep pests outside where they belong

RYMO provides industry-leading pest management services to households and businesses across Jamaica

Why Our Clients
Trust Us

Our small yet effective team serves residential and commercial clients island-wide. We focus on long-term pest solutions that give our clients peace of mind and safe and healthy environments.

Our Values

Quality Service 

We embrace doing the right thing and operating with high ethical standards. We want our customers to be safe, protect our environment, and keep our spaces free of harmful pests. 


We are a trusted advisor, providing detailed and accurate information on pests, their impact, and proper control and management. We keep abreast of changes in our industry to ensure we continue delivering our best to our customers. 


We stand by our services. We take responsibility for our work, being on time, and delivering the highest quality service to all clients.


To be the best pest control company offering first-class and eco-friendly service that is safe for all customers and employees.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the safest, most advanced, and cost-effective pest control and insect management service in the industry with superior customer service.

Service above and beyond expectations

Our client reviews tell the RYMO story.

Professional Service. Expert Solutions. Long-Term Benefits.

RYMO Pest Control provides professional pest control services to homeowners, businesses, and building developers. 

We are the company to call for the extermination of pests such as rats, other rodents, mosquitoes, termites, and all other insects and bugs. We are a strong advocate of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. IPM allows us to not only eliminate pests but reduce the impact on you, your family, your pets, and business.

Our company is certified by the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) of Jamaica. The RYMO Pest Control team are also highly trained, qualified, and licensed professionals. 

As a customer-focused business, we believe that our clients should always be provided with exceptional service and all the information necessary to guarantee a pest-free home or business.

World-class leadership in pest protection and prevention

With our experienced team at the helm, we are doing great things in the industry. 

If you are looking for a pest control company that comes with a guarantee, advocates eco-friendly measures for pest management, has a team of knowledgeable and licensed professionals, and puts their client’s best interest at the forefront, then RYMO is the best pest control company for you.

Contact us today for a free inspection and experience the RYMO difference, where we offer service with a guarantee.

Our Residential and Commercial Services include:

  • Termite inspection and treatment 
  • Insect control 
  • Bees and wasp eradication 
  • Pre- and post-construction treatments 
  • Pest control and maintenance 
  • Mosquito fumigation 
  • Rodent baiting/trapping/exclusion 
  • Rodent eradication and rat baiting programs

Built on IPM Pest Control Services

We follow an integrated pest management approach to all our pest control projects. This requires the controlled use of mechanical, cultural, biological, and chemical solutions to various pest problems. 

Our customers benefit immensely from this approach due to long-term preventative pest services using eco-friendly solutions.

We are proud of the work we do to help home and business owners protect their health and property. We know how important it is to keep harmful insects and animals away while protecting our health and the environment.

RYMO Pest Control services

Pest Control Services with a Guarantee

We will tailor your pest management plan to meet the needs of your home or company with guaranteed results. We believe in making work simple, efficient, and effective. We make it our priority to use the right tools and products to get the best results.

Contact us today for a no-obligation free inspection and get a quote.

A Proven Approach to Pest Control in Jamaica


A comprehensive INSPECTION of your property is the first step to identifying the pests present and where there is need for pest prevention measures. Inspections are done at no charge to our clients and include a submission of a detailed proposal which outlines findings, recommendations, and estimated costs for treatment. Proposals are not standard. We tailor each proposal based on client specifications, needs and budget (if stated).


Our eco-friendly INTERVENTIONS include treatment, pest proofing and maintenance of your property using environmentally friendly products. We take pride in ensuring we always follow best practices to ensure the safety of persons, pets, plants, and property. 

All insecticides used by RYMO Pest Control are approved by the following entities: the Pest Control Authority (Jamaica), the Ministry of Health in Jamaica, the Department of Agriculture, and the Federal Housing Authority in the USA.


We supply INFORMATION on pests, pest management and pesticides. We ensure that our customers are well informed as knowledge is power. As such, information is disseminated through various means which include:

  • direct and continuous dialogue with our clients,
  • our detailed proposal
  • educational presentations to families, staff, and communities

RYMO knows pests … so you don’t have to.

And we know just how to protect your property with effective pest control services.

Request a free inspection and let’s get your property protected and pest-free. 

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