Cockroach Control: How to Get a Handle on Your Cockroach Problem

In some parts of the world, cockroaches are considered a delicacy and are farmed for sale and consumption. In Jamaica, they are all pests. Nasty, horrible and sometimes scary pests, especially when they take flight.

Cockroaches are Common Pests

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes and restaurants in Jamaica. They are generally not seen during the day because they are nocturnal insects. They come out at night to live and feed. Of course, some are brazen enough to be seen during the day but mostly it is because they have been forced out due to the numbers in their nest. When this happens, it means you have a serious problem. A cockroach infestation problem.

The problem with roaches is that even if your home or establishment is well-kept – “spic and span” – and there are no overtly visible cracks in your building, cockroaches will still get in. They can come in through boxes, bags or other items you brought in. They will enter through any cracks or crevices in your building or even through the sewer system coming up in your bathroom sink or shower or other drainage systems. But once they are inside, these sturdy creatures will feed on any food available and they will breed rapidly.

Cockroaches are Dangerous

CockroachesCockroaches are carriers of a number of dangerous viruses and bacteria. A cockroach infestation can lead to serious health problems as their presence may trigger asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. They spread parasitic worms, bacteria and a host of pathogens that will affect your health. At home, you must protect your family and pets. In your restaurants, you have to protect your staff and clientele.

As a commercial business owner, you cannot afford to have your establishment written up for cockroaches. Reviews are a hospitality company’s new word of mouth. No one wants a review online stating “Beware of Cockroaches”. No one should lose business because of cockroaches.

Treating a Cockroach Infestation Problem

Killing a cockroach whether by bashing it with a shoe, which we as Jamaicans are very skilled at, or dousing it with a dose of insect spray, only contains the immediately visible situation. It does not affect the source of the problem which could be hundreds or thousands of cockroaches hidden away in a section of your home or property.

If you are spraying and cockroaches keep showing up, it means you have an infestation. Prevention methods at this juncture are going to be useless and you need to find the nest and eradicate it.

At times like these, you need the expertise of a good and reputable pest control company that will work to eradicate your cockroach problem.  Your pest control company can identify the location(s) of the infestation and take the necessary steps to get rid of the nest and help you to secure the property to prevent another infestation.

RYMO Pest Control will help you prevent the development of a problem. If it is already a problem, we can help you to treat it. RYMO caters to both residential and commercial establishments and provides effective treatments with a guarantee. For cockroach control in food establishments ongoing maintenance is always recommended, whether you have a visible problem or not. Prevention saves!

Believe that you have a cockroach problem? Give us a call today for your free inspection or sign up for a free inspection online.

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