Holidays: The Best Time for Commercial Pest Control Treatments

Holidays are some of the best times for commercial pest control treatment. Because the growing number of rodents and insects contribute to a lot of problems that businesses face, it is not wise for business owners to employ DIY pest control measures and forego professional pest control. This may prove to be costlier for the long haul and for an environment that caters to customers, DIY is never the best option.

Why Holidays Are Best for Business Pest Control

There are many great reasons for undertaking commercial pest control measures during a holiday period. We will only highlight three.

  1. Most businesses close for an extended period of time during the holidays, especially during the latter part of December. This is a perfect time to review the pest control needs of the business. You can do treatments without affecting productivity, staff or clients.
  2. It allows you to start the New Year in a better position. The holidays are an opportune time to get your commercial property in shape for the new year to start off operations on a right note.
  3. You have time to make good on any problems identified during the treatment. These could include areas that need to be sealed to prevent access to pests, wiring that will need to be replaced because they were chewed through, items that need to be discarded because they were contaminated by insects.

Reasons for Commercial Pest Control Management

There are a variety of reasons why undertaking commercial pest control is a crucial part of a business’ operational procedures. A lot of this is based on the type of business that you operate. Some of the most important reasons for
doing business pest control this holiday include:

  • Meeting local pest control requirements as stipulated by the Ministry of Health
  • Making the work environment safe from harmful pests for staff and clients
  • Ensuring a comfortable work space free from annoying pests
  • Being able to offer a quality guarantee to customers that you take their safety and comfort seriously
  • Protecting your property from pests such as ants, termites, and rats, that can do serious damage if left unattended.

Evidence of infestation is not always visible. Pre-emptive measures will ensure that your company is operable and that there are no nasty surprises awaiting you and your staff. It doesn’t matter the type of business you have – an office, a manufacturing facility, a food service establishment, or a health-related facility. Pest control services are important to prevent the spread of germs and diseases which can lead to staff sick leave and business downtime.

You need a pest control company that specialises in business pest control and management. Also, ensure that you get an Integrated Pest Management program as offered by RYMO Pest Control. This gives a holistic approach to pest management and the protection of property and people. Put in place a managed pest control plan to schedule maintenance at regular intervals. This is ideal and something businesses should work towards for the New Year.

Make the New Year even brighter with a pest free workplace for you and your staff. Start the New Year off with a pest control plan.

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