How to Prevent Mosquito Growth at Apartment Complexes and Homes

Jamaica surpassed the epidemic threshold for Dengue fever in December 2018. Therefore, mosquito control must be a unified effort to protect each other and prevent Dengue from spreading. As residents of an apartment complex or a gated community, you have to work together to prevent mosquito growth in your areas.

How to Prevent Mosquito Growth

Here are a few tips on how, together, you can kill mosquitoes to limit the spread of Dengue Fever.

Identify breeding places

There are several Dengue mosquito breeding places in and around your yard and complex. So, it is important that you can identify them and eliminate them as quickly as possible. As can be seen in this image from the Ministry of Health’s website, there are many unlikely places where mosquitoes can breed.

Areas to check to Prevent Mosquito Growth at home

From clogged drains and gutters on your roof to bottles in the yard and even plants, there are several places where standing water can accumulate and for an adult female mosquito to lay her eggs.

Adult Mosquito Elimination

In addition to identifying breeding sites inside and outside your home, you have to work on your communities. Mosquitoes will fly in from outside areas, so you need to work with your neighbours to protect your neighbourhood.

  • Plan a day to clean up

As a group, arrange to clean up common areas in your community. It defeats the purpose to clean up your yard, but the community centre or the complex’s general spaces are left untouched. This just means adult mosquitoes will soon be an issue again for all of you.

So, plan a clean-up day. Get rid of all the containers and items that could hold water and become mosquito breeding areas.

  • Get professional mosquito fogging services

After cleaning up the area, make sure to take care of the adult mosquitoes as well. This is where a professional service can come in and fog the complex or your community.

Together we can limit the spread of Dengue by effectively controlling the mosquito population in your areas. Call RYMO Pest Control today and let’s schedule a fogging date to protect you and your neighbours from adult Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes and Dengue Fever.

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