How To Protect Your Customers from Mosquito Bites

With the spread of Dengue Fever and the return of Chikv and the Zika viruses, people are now contemplating whether it’s safe to venture out for social activities. So, what can you do to help increase your customers’ confidence that you have their best interest at heart? How can you protect your customers from mosquito bites?

Prevent the Aedes aegypti mosquito from affecting your business

The best ways to protect your business and customers is to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito population in and around your business. This requires concerted effort to regularly check and clear the area of anything that can keep standing water where mosquito eggs can hatch. Mosquitoes can develop between 10 to 14 days where there is standing water.

So, dump out any standing water in containers every other or every few days to stop their growth. Also get a pest control company to treat other standing water areas and containers with larvicides to prevent mosquito larvae from moving to the next stages of growth.

Then, once you have a system in place to prevent mosquitoes breeding, it’s time to eliminate or prevent the adult mosquitoes from affecting your clients. Get a pest control company to fog the area. This is especially important if government efforts are not as strong in your area or cannot reach your business.

Also, if you have an outdoor area for clients/customers, then use mosquito repellents such as citronella candles and torches.

Promoting your mosquito control efforts on social media

Let your customers know that you are actively trying to protect them when they visit your business. Highlight your mosquito control activities such as calling in a pest control professional to eliminate and prevent mosquito breeding sites. Show them your business mosquito fogging activities to kill adult mosquitoes.

Make social media work for you and get your customers to trust that you are doing your part in the fight against the spread of Dengue Fever.

Need help with mosquito control?

If you need help with getting the mosquito population in your area under control, then you can call RYMO Pest Control. We offer mosquito fogging and control services at restaurants, guest houses, hotels, schools, etc. Our two-step process eliminates breeding sites and then fog to kill adult mosquitoes.

Let’s talk about setting a schedule that doesn’t impact your business and puts your customers’ health first.

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