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The Zika virus was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization (WHO). At September 2016, Zika is listed by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) in the United States as a Level 2 threat. The CDC continues to remind Americans to ‘practice enhanced precautions’ when they visit our island of Jamaica. The virus has spread from Brazil to the Caribbean, the United States and as far as Singapore.


How is Zika spread:

The main way in which the Zika Virus is spread is by the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. The mosquito becomes a carrier of the virus after biting an infected person. The mosquito can then transmit the virus to someone that it bites.


Other methods of spreading the virus include:

  • From an infected pregnant mother to her unborn foetus
  • Through unprotected sex with an infected partner


Symptoms of Zika

The symptoms of Zika are similar to other mosquito-borne infections such as dengue. They include fever, skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, conjunctivitis, malaise (a general feeling of overall ill-health), and headache. These symptoms tend to last for 2-7 days.


The Dangerous Effects of the Zika Virus


It has been scientifically agreed that Zika transmitted from pregnant women to their unborn babies can lead to microcephaly in babies, that is, babies being born with abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development. For adults, contracting Zika can lead to serious health complications including Guillain-Barré (paralysis) syndrome (GBS). And if that is not enough, recent lab research coming out of the United States of America indicate that the Zika virus may lead to brain damage in adults.


Zika in Jamaica

The Ministry of Health in its September 2016 monthly update, indicated that there were more than 7,700 cases reported of suspected Zika infections and over 90 confirmed cases. More than 30 of the confirmed cases have been for pregnant women. In addition, three of the 22 notifications for clinically diagnosed Guillain-Barré syndrome cases in Jamaica tested positive for Zika.


Prevention is Best

Preventing the growth of mosquitoes is the best option to stop the spread of this virus. Jamaicans have been encouraged to take precautionary measures such as:

  • Delaying pregnancies until the situation is under control
  • Using insect repellents with DEET
  • Keeping their homes and properties mosquito free by keeping them clean and removing all possible means of harbouring mosquitoes, e.g. stagnant water


The government has attempted to fog communities that are most prone to mosquito infestations but this is not always enough. At some point, we have to take control and responsibility for our health.


How We Can Make A Difference

Let us work together to clean up our communities. Let us work together to stop the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses.


We all can play our part in preventing the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne viruses. It will take each of us doing our part and community members working together. We can reduce mosquito breeding sites in and near homes by covering, emptying or cleaning any containers that can hold water. These include vases, flower pots, old tyres, gutters. Cleaning up the home and communities and bringing in a pest control company to conduct fogging afterwards is one way to ensure that the mosquito population is kept under control.


The WHO has asked communities to “support their local government efforts to reduce mosquitoes in their locality.” This may also include the spraying of the insecticides. Gated communities, complexes, and communities through their community associations or neighbourhood watches can organize their own mosquito fogging exercise to ensure that everyone is protected.


The RYMO Difference in Mosquito Eradication

Our role as pest control operators is to provide the technical support needed to eradicate and control the mosquito population at your home and in your community. RYMO Pest Control will eradicate adult mosquitoes by providing fogging service outside of that offered by your local public health department. We will even come into your yard and fog specific areas of concern. As a control method, we will also treat stagnant water that acts as breeding sites for the mosquitoes. Treated water will prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs as well as kill active mosquito larvae.

As part of our Integrated Pest Management approach, RYMO Pest Control will also provide the help you need in cleaning up, conduct thorough inspections to ensure that no possible breeding sites are overlooked, and also keep you fully informed and up-to-date on how to maintain a clean and mosquito free environment.


Contact us today. We would be happy to schedule your home or community mosquito eradication program.

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