New Construction Termite Treatment – It’s The Easier Way

New constructions should always involve pest control treatment. And the most important of these is the treatment for termites. New construction termite treatment is a pre-emptive strike. It takes aim at the possible ravages those tiny creatures can cause.

Termites may go undetected for years until the colony is fully matured. And for every day that termites go undetected or untreated, they are inflicting further damage on your property. This is why you should engage the services of a termite control specialist before you start building.

Termite treatment at the start of construction helps to identify if termites are present. It eradicates colonies and puts in measures to prevent future occurrences.

Pre-Construction vs Post-Construction Termite Treatments

Pre-construction termite treatment is proactive. You are not waiting until something happens to bring in a specialist to protect your property. You take care of the soil and your soon to be building before you start construction.

For post-construction termite treatments, there are two types. There is the immediate post-construction to follow-up on work already done. And the reactive treatments after something has already occurred. This is where you need effective treatments for an infestation.

Only a few persons will follow-up pre-construction treatments with immediate post-construction measures. They understand that it this follow-up treatment is necessary to ensure that the building and property are fully protected from termites before it is occupied.

When deciding on termite treatments, consider this. What will the costs be to replace your entire cabinetry work due to a termite infestation? We are sure it will be significantly more expensive than
doing a treatment at the start of construction.

New Construction Termite Treatment is Easier

At pre-construction stage, there are fewer obstacles to doing a good termite treatment. This allows you to benefit from a more thorough treatment process. This is unlike post construction which may involve drilling into tiles and foundation to get to the source of the problem; or damage to support beams that will have to be replaced.

At a new construction stage, you get maximum coverage. In addition, it is also less expensive than attempting to cure an infestation or a termite problem.

Anti-Termite Treatments for New Constructions

There are generally three anti-termite treatments used to control and eradicate termites.

Termite Bait Station

  1. The use of termite-resistant wood is one of the most popular preventative methods. This is using naturally termite resistant wood or other wood that has been chemically injected.
  2. Creating a chemical barrier around and under the foundation before pouring the concrete is another. What this does is to prevent termites in the soil from chewing their way into the building foundation.
  3. Bait stations are used to detect termite presence as well as put in a long-term process to get rid of termites.

When you are ready to start a new construction, make sure to budget for termite treatment. Ensure that you schedule it before the foundation is poured. That way, you can reap all the benefits of a pre-construction termite treatment.

You can contact RYMO Pest Control for help with new construction termite treatment for your property. We work with building developers, homeowners, and contractors who understand the value of a good treatment. We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management. This ensures safe and effective termite treatment and control. And our termite service comes with a guarantee.

You can email us at or call us at (876) 803-1377 for more information or to arrange your termite treatment.

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