Pest Proof Your Restaurant Before Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is always a busy period for restaurants across the major cities and towns in Jamaica. It is a time to showcase your culinary talents with mouth-watering cuisine and the attractions of your well thought out and put together décor. From rustic to fine dining, all restaurants have their clientele and Restaurant Week is a chance to draw and convert even more persons to regular customers. But, is your restaurant pest free?

For such a busy week, you cannot afford for your restaurant not to be at its best. Nothing could be worse than your patrons seeing signs of rats or roaches during the meal. This will surely reduce their chances of returning to dine with you as well as them making recommendations about your restaurant. Further, with the prevalence of social media, it will surely get viral if a photo or comments are shared online. You would not like your restaurant’s reputation to be ruined because of pests.

If you own or manage a restaurant that will be participating in this year’s Restaurant Week, we are sure that you want everything to be at its best for your diners and staff. In preparation for Restaurant Week we recommend that you check for signs of any infestation, whether rats, roaches or ants, in the kitchen, dining area or elsewhere on the property.

Remember, rats and roaches don’t discriminate. Whether you are fast food/casual eatery or a fine dining restaurant, they can and will find you. A proactive approach is always best. Preventing an infestation saves you in the long run – reputation, time and money. But if there is already a problem, it is best to deal with it as quickly as possible.

How to Identify a Rat or Cockroach Infestation

Signs of rodents/rats:

  • Rat droppings, generally dark brown and resembling rice grains
  • Unusual noises such as clawing, scurrying, mostly at night
  • Smudge marks or smears at the baseboard of your kitchen cupboards
  • Footprints or dirt marks along walls, floor
  • Odours
  • Damage to food and infrastructure (bite marks)
  • Burrows

Signs of cockroaches:

  • Physically seeing a roach on the premises. They tend to come out at night.
  • Dead cockroaches or their body parts
  • Cast skins (shed skins cockroaches leave behind)
  • Droppings anything from tiny specks resembling black pepper to larger coffee grounds.
  • Egg cases/capsules (oothecae) (elongated and looks like a pill)
  • A musty odour which is generally as a result of a very heavy infestation.

Treating Your Pest Infestation Problem

Pest control and proofing your business should begin early. Rat bait stations and roach and ant treatments should be your focus if any of these signs are visible. Obtaining the services of a reputable pest control company that embraces Integrated Pest Control Management techniques should be a high priority item on your checklist of things to do in the lead up to Restaurant Week.

If you suspect that any of these pests may have taken up residence in your fine establishment, then contact RYMO Pest Control for a free inspection. We will assess and let you know whether you need to have a pest treatment done. We will not recommend treatment unless we are certain that there is proof of an infestation or possible infestation in the making.

Pest proofing your restaurant protects your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Get ready for Restaurant Week the right way. Contact RYMO Pest Control for pest assessment, eradication, and control.

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