Other Pests


What are they?

TICKS AND FLEAS are parasites that attach to a host. More often than not, that host is your pet, but it could be you, as both ticks and fleas survive on a diet of blood. They will lay their eggs in cracks/crevices/corners and in no time your home is infested. They can enter the home by using others pests, such as rats, as hosts. Because certain fleas will use rats as a host, they can transmit the bubonic plague from rats to humans.


LIZARDS are reptiles with a long body and tail, but short head and neck. They will leave droppings on the walls, window sills etc. Depending on the type of lizard, such as croaking lizards, they may also be noisy especially at nights. Lizards generally enter the home to feed on insects such as moths.


SPIDERS are insects with two body regions and eight legs. Some prefer damp areas while others like dry, warm areas. They feed on insects or other spiders, anything they can catch in their webs. They can enter the home or business place through poorly screened windows/doors, through cracks and gaps in structure or as hitchhikers on many things brought into the home.


SILVERFISH is a small, silvery looking wingless insect. They are attracted to paper and damp clothing and can typically be found in stored boxes. Food sources range from glue in books, linen, dead insects. Silverfish reproduce quickly and are highly secretive. Therefore, an infestation may not be realised until it is too late and books, clothing, fabric have been ruined.


How do I get rid of them?

All these insects can be treated with home remedies. But these remedies tend to only cover the symptom and not the cause. A professional pest control company is able to identify the specific pest, locate its nest and provide treatment that gives lasting relief.

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