Wasps - Pest

What are they?

Wasps, of the order Hymenoptera, are winged insects with a narrow waist that separates the thorax from the abdomen. They also have a sting, the feature most familiar to us. They have biting mouthparts and females can paralyze prey with their sting. There are two types of wasps. The first type, ‘social wasps’, form colonies and only use their stingers for defence. The other type of wasp, ‘solitary wasp’ form the largest sub-group of wasp and have some of the largest varieties of wasps. These wasps rely on their stings for hunting purposes. They create their nests from chewing wood fibre into a pulp and fashioning it into coarse papery structures.

Most wasps are carnivorous, feeding on spiders, grubs, and other insects. They are therefore beneficial in that they keep other insect populations in check.

Why are they pests?

Wasp nests can start out very small but will grow in size as the number of resident wasps increase. With the ever increasing size of a wasp nest and the potential for harm to humans and pets, these are very dangerous pests.

Are they dangerous?

A mature wasp nest can hold up to one thousand wasps. If a nest is disturbed, wasps may attack as a means of defence. Apart from multiple painful stings, you may also have an allergic reaction to the venom contained in a wasp’s sting. They can also harm your children and pets.

Where are they found/how do I know that I have a wasp infestation?

Wasp nests are normally built in sheltered spots with easy access to outside. Wasp nests can be found on the exterior of your home, in trees or other buildings in your yard. An infestation is noticeable from the worker bees flying around or signs of the actual nest. You can also locate a nest by watching the flight path of returning wasps.

How can I prevent them?

Attempting to treat a wasp nest on your own can cause the wasps to attack you as a means of defence. It is best to employ a professional company to handle wasp nest removal.

How do I get rid of them?

Wasp nests should be dealt with as soon as they become evident so that they are not allowed to grow. Contacting a pest control company such as RYMO is the best solution to safely and effectively eradicate and remove all wasp nests.

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