Pre-Construction Termite Treatment – Benefits and Why You Need It

Whether you are building a home, complex or other structure, pre-construction termite treatment is a necessity. Termites are one of the most feared pests for property owners. They can cause millions of dollars in damage to the building, its contents, and furniture. Wall, doors, closets, wardrobes, cupboards, décor pieces – nothing with wood is safe as they can and will eat it all. Once they get inside your building, it is very difficult to get them out without professional help.

So, to give your building long-term protection, it is best to start from the outset.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

  1. Improve sale value:

Home and property buyers look at quite a few factors before committing to buy. Many fear termite damages. Being able to state that the property was pre-treated for termites before and after construction is a huge selling point. Especially in areas known to be prone to termites.

  1. Long-term protection:

The costs related to termite damage would be reduced over the long-term. The treatment would last for years. And with ongoing scheduled maintenance, you continue to benefit from the protection formed around your building.

  1. Cost-savings – Prevention is Better Than Cure:

The initial costs for pre- and post-construction treatments are far lower than what would be required if your property becomes heavily infested with termites. In this case, you would be paying for more than just the termite treatment. You would also be looking at replacing furniture, contents, and even structural repairs.

Prevention is both cheaper and easier than curing. Prevention makes more sense than reacting at the other end when a problem has developed. If undetected and left for years, the costs to ‘cure’ that termite damage will significantly exceed the costs you would have paid for treatment at the start of construction.

  1. Protect Contractor Reputation:

As a contractor or architect, you would not want your reputation tarnished. It could be if you deliver a finished home that gets infested with termites after completion. It is a simple matter to include termite treatment as part of the building project. This will show that as a building developer, you are interested in the future of your clients and not just about making a quick sale.

Plan Your Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Plan a preventative pest control treatment before you start building. Instruct your builder or architect to include preconstruction termite treatment before they start building. Or contact a termite treatment company before your contractors start to work. If you have already started construction, the treatment services can be tailored to meet your current situation.

How RYMO Pest Control Can Help You

RYMO Pest Control will assist you in protecting your greatest investment. We work with owners, developers, and builders to provide the best pre-construction termite and pest control treatments. We will help you in the early stages of construction to protect the building from pests. At RYMO Pest Control, we can handle new constructions, renovations, or extensions.

Contact RYMO Pest Control today for professional pre-construction termite treatment. Our process follows the principles of Integrated Pest Management for long-term pest protection. We are trained, licensed and will do it right the first time.

If you need more information on how our pre-construction termite treatment services can help you, give us a call at (876) 803-1377 or email us at

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