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General pest control for all the harmful, annoying, and pesky insects that can affect your home or business

Get to the root of your insect problem

Most over-the-counter insect control products only tackle the symptoms of the problem, not the root. You’re spraying the ants you see but not tackling the main nest. The few wasps you see could mean a much larger nest. Roaches are just waiting to find the right spot to release attractant pheromones to call their friends. 

There are so many creeping, crawling, and flying insects and pests that affect our daily lives. Knowing how to get rid of them and keep them gone ensures you can enjoy living and working pest free.

That’s where we come in.

RYMO Pest Control will help you eradicate all the harmful and annoying pests trying to take over your property. Our certified pest controllers are happy to inspect and provide a detailed report on what you can do to become and remain insect-free.

Why Choose
RYMO Pest Control Jamaica

RYMO’s pest controllers are licensed and trained to identify pest problems, determine the ideal treatment, and implement safe measures to protect property and health. We follow Integrated Pest Management solutions to eliminate pests and provide ongoing solutions to keep them away. 

Our approach means looking at the unique requirements of each property. Then we tailor each solution to that specific circumstance. This is why we conduct a thorough investigation before any treatment is administered. 

So, insects have you on the run? Contact RYMO for fast and effective pest removal services.

Choose the RYMO Approach to Pest and Insect Control


We inspect and do a deep dive investigation to identify the issue, and current and future problems to provide an effective solution.


We protect health and property with targeted insect control treatments following integrated pest management principles.


We provide a detailed report on what has been done and what you, as our client, can also do to prevent a recurrence of the problem.


When you’re on one of our pest maintenance plans, we monitor your property to ensure that the pest problems stay in the past.

Pest Control Services for All Common Pests and Insects

RYMO Pest Control delivers targeted treatments that get rid of pests the safer way. Let us help you stop insects from taking over your home and business.


Let’s put the cockroaches out. They breed quickly, trigger asthma and allergies, and will contaminate your food. You need the right methods to clear an infestation, especially as cockroaches are sometimes resistant to certain insecticides.


Mosquitoes can transmit a range of deadly diseases. Controlling the mosquito population in and around your property protects you and those you love. Let us help you identify what might be contributing to their growth and eradicate them.


Termites breed quickly and they are a menace. Undetected and untreated termite infestations can destroy your home and furnishings to the tune of millions in damage. Contact RYMO for our termite removal service with a guarantee.


Show the flies the door. From the common house flies to fruit flies and black flies, they quickly reproduce and become a nuisance and health risk to your home or business. We provide customised treatment plans to keep your space fly-free.


Wasps get aggressive when disturbed. So it’s important that wasp nests are quickly removed before they get out of hand. If you have problems with wasps, contact RYMO and one of our expert pest controllers will help clear your property of wasps and their nests.


Like termites, Carpenter ants are not always noticeable until they have already caused havoc. Other ants can cause significant property damage, food contamination, and deliver harmful and stinging bites. We’ll tailor our ant control and treatments to your space.

Bed Bugs

Don’t let the bed bugs bite, literally. Bed bugs can lead to allergic reactions, skin infections, even anxiety about going to bed. These pests multiply fast if you don’t get them under control quickly. We will do that for you and protect you from bed bugs.


Bees can be a danger to pets and humans alike. We need bees for the ecosystem to thrive, but you don’t need a honeycomb in your home or business. We provide safe bee removal to transport hives without killing the bees and protect you at the same time.

Other Pests

From moths, ticks, silverfish, mites, rats, spiders and more, there are several flying and crawling pests that can affect your home or business. RYMO can help you rid your home and business of all these insects to keep your space pest-free.

Insect control with a guarantee

Professional pest control and eradication that works.

We are incredibly proud of the services we deliver and the eco-friendly solutions we can offer our clients. That’s why we are committed to 100% satisfaction on every project, guaranteed.

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