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Protect your property from harmful and annoying pests with our pest inspection services across Jamaica. Book a pest inspection and get a custom treatment plan to keep your home or business pest-free.

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Pest Inspections in Jamaica

Pest damage can lead to expensive repairs. No two homes/businesses are alike. As such, each treatment must be specially customised for the situation.

By inspecting the interior and exterior of your home or business, we can properly identify the specific nature and level of infestation. The trained pest controllers at RYMO look for evidence of pest activity, conditions conducive to the growth of certain pests, risk factors, and more. 

Pest inspections are perfect for:

  • In-depth review of pest sightings 
  • Planned re-opening of facilities 
  • Pre-purchase of a property or before moving in 
  • Routine pest inspections to stay ahead of the pests

Pest Inspection and Control.
By Professionals.

A professional pest inspection is the first step in ensuring a safe and pest-free home or business. As part of a fully integrated pest management solution, it ensures you start your pest control with the right foundation.

Don’t leave things up to chance. 

Have a licensed pest control expert thoroughly inspect your property and identify the right treatments for the pests lying in wait to attack your space.

Home Pest Inspection and Treatment

Find out which pests are roaming on and in your property. Then protect your home and loved ones with family and pet-friendly pest treatments.

Business Pest Inspection and Treatment

A professional pest inspection will ensure you won’t face any expensive pest surprises, and your guests can feel safe doing business with you.

Investing in a Pest Inspection Makes Sense

Putting your pest concerns into RYMO’s capable hands is the best decision for your family or business.

Early Detection

Find and treat pests early to prevent further damage and limit infestations.

Targeted Treatment

Knowing exactly what you face, where and how means you treat the right way.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy your space confident that it’s free from pesky and potentially harmful pests.

You should schedule a pest inspection if you:

  • Notice a growing number of insects in your home or business 
  • Notice animal droppings whether inside or outside 
  • Are not sure where the pests are coming from or how they’re getting inside 
  • Are worried that you might termites 
  • Are purchasing a property

What’s covered in a pest inspection

  1. Identification and confirmation of the type of pest(s) problem 
  2. Determining primary and secondary harborage and breeding sites of the pest(s)
  3. Assessment of the risks posed and any environmental factors that can be impacted by the issue (location also impacts the types of pests and treatment possibilities)
  4. Providing a detailed report and plan of action to eradicate the pest problem and a way forward to prevent reoccurrence through pest proofing, prevention, and maintenance

What’s included in your pest inspection report?

Our reports include:

  • Details on the type of pest activity (some not easily seen), and risk factors 
  • Information about the particular pest(s) identified 
  • Recommendations for intervention and treatment that will address the issue 
  • Details on any chemical to be used in the treatment process (including environmentally friendly and odourless treatments when possible)
  • Recommendations for future pest-proofing and maintenance
  • The estimate for the pest control treatments for your property tailored to the unique requirements of your property 
  • Certifying information about RYMO Pest Control and the pest control applicator(s) licence details (both the business and technicians are regulated by the Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) of Jamaica)

Sounds like a plan?

Request a Specialist Termite Inspection

Subterranean and above-ground termites can lead to hundreds of thousands in damages. A thorough termite inspection will determine which type of termite infestation you face and the appropriate solution to address the issue. 

So, protect your property and contents against termites with an annual termite inspection. Our termite control technicians will carry out a detailed termite inspection of your home or business property.

Pest control with a guarantee

And it starts with a RYMO thorough pest control inspection. 

We are incredibly proud of the pest control services we deliver and the comprehensive, eco-friendly solutions we can offer our clients. That’s why we are committed to 100% satisfaction on every project, guaranteed.

Not all inspections lead to a RYMO Pest Control project

What if we determine that the pest problem requires only a simple fix, one that you can address on your own? We will gladly advise you on the best steps to take care of the issue.

But if we know it’s something that cannot be DIY’d, then we step in to ensure the problem is handled correctly. That’s why we provide our detailed inspection report. It has to specify the issues identified so you can get a plan tailored to meet your location’s unique needs for pest eradication and control.

See if you qualify for a free pest inspection today.

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And we know just how to protect your property with effective pest control services.

Request a free inspection and let’s get your property protected and pest-free. 

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