Pest Proofing & Prevention

Get rid of pests and keep them away with a pest-proofing and prevention plan from RYMO Pest Control.

Pest control is important, but prevention is key.

Pest proofing and prevention involves identifying the various entrances used by pests to enter your premises and providing solutions to pest-proof your property. 

It also requires general sanitation that will help to keep most pests away. 

As one of Jamaica’s leading pest management companies, we keep pests from impacting the daily lives of our clients. That requires complete pest control inside out, not just eradicating the pests seen.

Our pest-proofing measures are tailored based on the pest issue being faced and aimed at:

  • preventing pests from entering your premises
  • pest-proofing your property to avoid re-infestation
  • working together to ensure you have a pest-free space

We do things differently than the average “spray man”. We are certified pest controllers who understand the value of a science-backed approach to pest management. 

Let’s talk pest-proofing and prevention services that protect your property.

Got pests and need some professional help?

Want to prevent a pest infestation from even happening?

You’re in the right place. RYMO Pest Control helps prevent pest problems and protect your property and you. As part of our integrated pest management process, we will ensure you can enjoy a pest-free life.

Pest Proofing

Long-term pest control measures

With the right strategies, you can stop pests from entering your property and prevent interior movement.
We work with our home and business clients to pest-proof their properties for long-term pest control, reducing the need for pesticides and other chemical interventions.

Pest Prevention

Proactive approach to pest control

With a comprehensive plan, we offer a 360o view of how to prevent pests from taking a foothold in your home or business.
We develop pest prevention strategies where we both work together. Long-term, it costs you less for pest control than reacting to pest infestations after they happen.

Commercial Pest Proofing & Prevention Services

Protect your business and reputation by keeping those pesky pests out 

Operating a business means ensuring your staff and customers have a safe working environment. Whether in the food industry, hospitality, healthcare, or managing a major residential complex, you need the right services to keep the space pest free. 

Our Commercial Pest Control Services are designed to deliver a reliable pest management programme that keeps your business pest-free. 

We follow integrated pest management principles to design pest-proofing and prevention strategies just for your business. You can expect:

  • Tailored eradication strategies 
  • Plans to prevent re-infestations 
  • Maintenance arrangements to keep your business pest-free

Residential Pest Proofing & Prevention Services

Get rid of unwanted pests in your home and keep them out

Your home is your safe space. Allowing pests to take over leaves you uncomfortable and open to a range of pest-related viruses and diseases. Invest in pest control you can depend on to deliver the results you want – a pest-free home. 

Our Residential Pest Control Services offers a comprehensive pest management programme that eliminates and prevents pest infestations. 

With IPM principles, we develop targeted pest proofing and prevention strategies that:

  • Eliminate pests
  • Prevent re-occurrence of infestations 
  • Maintain your space pest-free

Pest control with a guarantee

Pest-proofing and prevention services you can rely on.

We are incredibly proud of the pest control services we deliver and the eco-friendly solutions we can offer our clients. That’s why we are committed to 100% satisfaction on every project, guaranteed.

RYMO Pest Control Jamaica - Team member

A Leader in Integrated Pest Management

Licensed Technicians

All technicians are licensed to administer pest treatments by the Jamaica PCA.

Professional Service

Our clients are like family to us. We do our best to ensure you are always satisfied.

Affordable Rates

We deliver value for money. Our services are guaranteed, and you get the results you need.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We have pest treatments that are people, pet, and environmentally friendly.

Free Pest Inspections

We offer free inspections with detailed reports and no-obligation estimates.

Guaranteed Results

We stand behind our service and offer 100% customer satisfaction every time.


Our 4-step pest proofing and protection plan gives you peace of mind

Step 1 – Inspection 

We conduct a thorough investigation and identify the pest problems.

Step 2 – Develop a Plan

This includes treatment, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

Step 3 – Protect & Prevent 

Rectify conditions that attract pests to pest-proof the space.

Step 4 – Control 

Monitor action thresholds and take control measures when needed.

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RYMO knows pests … so you don’t have to.

And we know how to control, protect, pest-proof and prevent pests from taking over your property.

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