Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Specialist pre-construction inspection and treatment for new constructions and renovations in Jamaica for termites and other wood-destroying insects. 

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Pre-construction termite control in Jamaica

If you are doing a new construction or major renovation, you should get a pre-construction pest control treatment. Termite infestations can go unnoticed for extended periods. In that time, maximum damage can be done to your property, furniture and other valuables in your home or business. 

Let us help you prevent this from happening with a pre-construction termite and pest treatment. 

RYMO Pest Control works with residential and commercial builders and contractors. We help to protect their job sites and future buildings and contents from termites so their clients love working with them. Our licensed and certified pest control technicians know exactly what should be done to protect your property. From single-family homes to multi-story complexes and major building constructions, RYMO can provide effective termite treatment and control.

What’s Involved in a Pre-Construction Pest Treatment

You need to know what to put around your foundation to prevent termites and others pest wreaking havoc when construction is complete. The proposed treatment can be liquid soil pre-treatments and/or borate treatments (lumber pre-treatments). So, to ensure your get the best treatment for termites and other pests before, during, and after building, contact RYMO Pest Control. Our IPM-based pre-construction termite treatment process requires:


It’s important to determine if any termites and other destructive pests are present. We also need to identify the type of termite if we find evidence of any on the property. The inspection results help to guide which treatment method(s) best works for your site.


Pre-construction termite treatment means applying the right termiticide to foundations. This effectively protects the property from termites and other soil-based organisms that may become potential pests. It builds a barrier to prevent termites from compromising your space.


We can follow up for further treatments during and after construction to ensure the effectiveness remains. Then, you can choose between our monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance plans to keep protecting your property.

New construction and renovation pest control and termite treatment should be done at these 3 construction phases:

Before | During | After

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The RYMO Termite Gone Guarantee

Pre-Construction Termite Control That Makes a Difference 

It’s the long-term guarantee. We promise no termites for up to 3 years for standalone premises and 1.5 years for apartments and townhouses.

Why you Should Invest in Construction Site Pest Control

To prevent future subterranean termite damage, you should invest in a termite prevention and control plan pre-construction. Before you start building or renovating is the perfect time to eradicate and block termites from getting a foothold in your building. Remember, subterranean termites can make their way through concrete. With RYMO’s termite treatment, it’s:

Easier to Protect

It’s a simpler process to create a termite soil barrier and eliminate ants before the foundation is poured and your building goes up. There are fewer obstacles, and we get to the heart of the issue before trouble can set in.

Prevents Loss

Pre-construction treatment means you get to set your building on the right path. With nothing there, you have nothing to lose. Without the treatment, and with the building completed, it’s likely you could lose parts of the building, furniture, and other valuables to termites. 


Better now than later. The cost to protect your property before you start building is generally much lower than trying to rectify the problem after those termites get their little feet and teeth through your door.

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