Rodent Control (and Rat Baiting) in Jamaica

Keep your home and business safe from rats, mice, and other rodents with rat baiting and rodent control services from RYMO. 

Book a rodent removal and prevention service that eliminates rat infestations.

Effective Rat and Mice Control in Jamaica

Rat infestations come with many risks, including the possibility of leptospirosis, other rat-borne diseases, and contaminated food. They also eat through cables and wires, potentially leading to electrical fires. Plus, these little pests can and will multiply quickly if not taken under control.

So between the diseases, allergens, bites, and infestations, you need to get rid of these creepy critters fast to protect yourself, your family, or your business. 

Working with RYMO helps to keep the rats away from your business or home. As a professional pest control company in Jamaica, we handle a range of rodent control projects inside and outside. Our process ensures elimination, protection, and prevention to limit another rat infestation. 

Contact us to discuss a rat baiting programme, getting rid of your rat infestation, or about including rodent protection in your property pest management plan.

Professional Rat Baiting Services

Ideal for both homes and businesses.

Bait stations are one of the most effective measures against rats and mice. Specially designed to be tamper-proof, these units can be strategically placed in and around your home or your business as part of RYMO’s rodent control programme. 

We tailor each rat baiting project to meet the needs of your specific situation to ensure you get the best results – the eradication of these pesky rats.

Exterior Rat Baiting

Protect your property and prevent an infestation of rats and mice with an effective rat baiting program. We will install tamper-proof bait stations and check and re-bait under our pest control and maintenance program.

Interior Rat Baiting

Inside your business or home, we set rat snap traps, pellets, and glue boards in strategic locations to capture and discard rats. We then check these rat-baiting tools periodically to eliminate the internal rat problem.

Experience fast and effective rat extermination at an affordable price

While our services are extremely effective, you will not need to break the bank to get your rat problem under control. Our rates are affordable, and our rodent control solutions customised to your specific needs.

Bait Station

Invest in quality rat baiting and rodent control services

Don’t let rats and mice spread diseases or damage your home or business. Contact a professional pest control company that knows how to remove rats fast and keep them away from your property. 

Working with RYMO for rat removal services, you can expect:

Urgent Response

When you’re noticing rats, there is a problem. You need to book a rat removal service as quickly as possible.

Detailed Inspection

Resolving a rodent problem begins with an inspection. We identify the type of rodents, their nest location, and any building or property flaws that may affect the eradication efforts.

Fast Results

We work fast. Our thorough inspection helps us determine the best rat extermination actions to solve your infestation problem. Our solutions are effective and deliver quick results.

Effective Maintenance

We continue to help you maintain a rodent-free space with internal and external rat treatments.

Cost-effective Services

The rates are affordable. You protect your property and health. You keep your reputation intact. These are just a few of the financial benefits of addressing your rodent problems with us as soon as possible.

Pest control with a guarantee

Rat baiting stations and rodent control services you can rely on.

We are incredibly proud of the services we deliver and the eco-friendly solutions we can offer our clients. That’s why we are committed to 100% satisfaction on every project, guaranteed.

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