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We find and eradicate the silent destroyers. Let’s protect your property against termites and other wood-destroying insects.

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Free Termite Inspections and Fast Treatments in Jamaica

Protect your property and contents from termite damage

Despite their tiny size, termites are a silently destructive force for any property. One colony can contain millions of termites who eat all day, every day, 24/7. That means extensive damage to your property – inside and out.

When you start noticing termites, your best do-it-yourself termite treatments will not work. The problem is deeper than you think. It’s time to call in the termite treatment experts. Otherwise, you’ll keep killing the termites you see and not fixing the key issues. 

At RYMO, we follow integrated pest management best practices in fighting termites. We inspect, identify the type(s) of termite, and provide a solution for eradicating your termite problem. We can also address problems with other wood-destroying organisms such as carpenter ants. 

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The RYMO Long-term Termite Protection Services

When was the last time you had a termite inspection?

Get a permanent solution for your termite infestation problems. Our termite services extend island wide across Jamaica for both businesses and homes. Book an inspection to ensure you’re protected no matter what.

Termite Protection for Homes

Keep your loved ones and home safe from the impact of termite damage. We are highly trained and experienced termite control professionals who know how to find and eradicate termites trying to take over your home.

Termite Protection for Businesses

Schedule annual inspections to safeguard your greatest investment. A termite inspection by a licensed pest controller can find and treat termites before they have a chance to do lasting and expensive damage.

Termite Preconstruction Solutions

Protect your property from the start before termite infestations can take root. Pre-construction termite treatments eliminate the immediate threat of a termite infestation when you’ve finished building or renovating.

Keep your property protected from termite damage for the long-term

Termite damage can go undetected for years. You also need the right termite solution to keep them away for years. That’s why the RYMO Termite Treatment Process includes:

Free Termite Inspection

Our detailed inspection determines what types of termites are present, where they’re coming from, and the root of the problem.

Termite Treatment

Based on the termites detected, we’ll offer the right solution to eradicate them and prevent them from coming back for years to come.

Termite Maintenance Plan

We’ll develop a maintenance plan and termite monitoring stations to help you keep your property protected and eliminate the risks of future termite infestation.

RYMO Pest Control services

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Common Termites You Need To Know

Knowing the type of termite affecting your property determines the treatment and protection solution.


Subterranean termites can tunnel through concrete to get to their food. Their nests can be as far away as 100m from where you spot them. That’s why annual property inspections and pre-construction termite treatments help to protect your home or business property from expensive termite damage.


Drywood termites survive longer in dry conditions than subterranean termites and do not need contact with soil to survive. Some species of drywood termites are extremely destructive, leading to extensive damage throughout your property. They are also very hard to detect until it’s too late.


Dampwood termites prefer wood with high moisture content to survive. You will often find them in wood at water-damaged areas or nesting in wood beneath the soil, living completely in the wood they are eating. They too can cause serious property damage of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you have Subterranean, Drywood, or Dampwood Termites?
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Know your termites. Get the treatment right.

Get a free detailed inspection to know what type of termite you have and how best to handle the problem.

The RYMO Termite Gone Guarantee

Pre-Construction Termite Control That Makes a Difference 

It’s the long-term guarantee. We promise no termites for up to 3 years for standalone premises and 1.5 years for apartments and townhouses. And we’ll continue to keep your property termite-free so long as we are guarding your property through our maintenance pest control services.


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RYMO knows termites … so you don’t have to.

And we know just how to keep them away from your buildings. Limit termite damage now and prevent future termite damage. 

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