Subterranean Termite Control – How to Get Rid of Termites the Right Way

Termite control requires specialist attention. Especially if you are dealing with subterranean termites. Didn’t know that there were different termite species? Then how are you going to get rid of termites? Continue reading and let us show you how to control termites the right way.

When Should You Do A Termite Treatment

Termite control and treatment is a continuous process. Termites will travel far to find food and establish long tunnels to get to their food sources. So, termite treatment should be two-fold, especially if you are just building. These are:

  1. Pre-construction: with a new construction or renovation/addition, it is best to treat early once you break ground and before construction starts to prevent infestation taking root.
  2. Post-construction: immediately and as needed. You should also have annual inspections to ensure that your building is not quietly undergoing the ravages of termites.

If you have never had a termite inspection or treatment, then you are due one today. Most termite treatments last between 3-5 years but annual inspections should still be scheduled with your trusted pest control company.

What to do to Get Rid of Termites

1. Do Not Disturb the Colony

TermitesIf you see a termite colony, do not disturb it. Termites have high survival instincts. They will abandon the area in which you found them and secretly go elsewhere to continue wreaking havoc on your property. Instead, get professional help from a company that is experienced in controlling termites.

2. Get your foundation treated by licensed professionals

Soil treatment is an important process in handling subterranean termites – dirt-dwelling termites. It involves applying a liquid termiticide (a pesticide specially developed for termites) to the foundation of the building to create a residual barrier. This is done through either trenching or rodding or broadcast spraying of the foundation (as in the case of pre-construction treatment).

The chemical barrier can last for a few years after which it must be done again.

3. Use only treated Lumber

Treated lumber is one of the more popular methods known in Jamaica for resisting termites. This involves soaking/forcing a wood preservative deep into the wood to form a chemical barrier around the wood. The other option is coating the wood in a termiticide that makes the wood less appealing and even poisonous to termites. Treated lumber is especially important to deter drywood termites. Termite treated lumber is necessary for any support beam or wood that comes into contact with the soil.

Choosing a Termite Control Specialist

There are many over-the-counter options for termite control. Unfortunately, most of those available to the public act as repellents. They are not necessarily something that will kill the termites. Plus, unless you kill the termite queen, you cannot kill the colony. This is why it is recommended that you get the services of a pest control company to get rid of termites the right way.

If you want the job done right, then choose a termite control expert that focusses on Integrated Pest Control (IPC) or Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is an integrated approach of prevention, control, and elimination. This ensures a comprehensive treatment based on best practices and long-term solutions.

RYMO Pest Control specialises in IPM termite treatment. We treat both residential and commercial spaces. We employ the highest safety standards in doing our termite treatments to protect both property and health. Our technicians are licensed by the local Pesticides Control Authority to handle termiticides and other insecticides necessary for the eradication of termites and other pests.

Contact us today for a free inspection and quote if you suspect that you have a termite infestation problem.

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