Termite Control – How to Stop Termites From Ruining Your Property

Termite damage costs companies and individuals millions of dollars in damage every year. Effective termite control is, therefore, a necessity for building and contents preservation. Learn what you can do to help limit the damage that termites can cause to your property.

What Are TermitesPicture of Subterranean Termite

Termites are often called white ants. They are also called the silent destroyers because they will secretly cause damage and destruction with no immediately noticeable signs. There are different types of termites with Jamaica being most affected by subterranean, arboreal and drywood termites.

When there are visible signs of an infestation, you have a serious problem. You can take a look at our pest page for more information on how to detect a termite infestation.

Termite Control – What You Can Do

1. Eliminate Conditions that attract termites

Termites are drawn to damp spaces because they need water to survive. So, repair all leaky faucets and don’t let water pond around or on your building. Channel roof and rainwater away from your building foundation. Remove all food sources in your yard such as any excessive plant cover or mulch, stumps, and pieces of wood. You can contact a pest control company to review your property and help you identify the risk factors for termite growth and infestation.

2. Avoid Do It Yourself Termite Treatments

If you have been researching online how to kill termites yourself at home, then you would have come across many DIY options. Some are ridiculous at best and dangerous at worse.

  • Firstly, store bought treatments tend to be termite repellents. This means though they will repel termites for a while, they do not eliminate the source of the problem.
  • You need to know what type of termites you are dealing with in order to use the right treatment. Can you tell the difference between a drywood termite and a subterranean termite and which treatment works best for each?
  • For pesticide grade termite treatments, you need a licensed pest control provider. Chemical misuse can hurt you and your family and damage the environment.
  • You may not have the right equipment to deal with an infestation. Sometimes you must drill through concrete slabs and tiles for effective control of a bad infestation.

3. Contact RYMO Pest Control for Your Termite Treatments

RYMO Pest Control specializes in delivering exceptional service and results in treating and controlling termites. We offer termite treatment to homeowners, persons involved in the construction industry, and property managers. For pre-construction and post-construction termite treatment, we handle infestations from the smallest to the largest.

We will conduct a detailed inspection of your property and provide a plan of action based on your specific needs. Our treatment and control services are safe, environmentally friendly, and effective.

Our termite control services could save you millions of dollars in expense. Schedule a visit by a RYMO Pest Control specialist today by emailing info@rymopestcontrol.com or calling us at (876) 803-1377.

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