Termites and Rain – What You Need to Know

In our lovely island of wood and water, we experience frequent showers of rain. As we enjoy those downpours or curse as they spoil our days, let’s not forget what they mean for our properties – termites. Rain affects termites in several ways, and these have serious implications for our homes.

Here’s what you need to know about termites and rain and how they can affect your property.

Rain Makes it Easier to Get “Food”

Subterranean termites and dampwood termites enjoy moist conditions. Their preferred meals are damp wood and decaying timber. Because of this, rain is their best friend. Rain softens the wood in and around your property. This damp wood and standing water in your yard will attract termites. The rain makes it easier to chew through wood and allows dampwood termites to burrow easily into the wood.

With constant rains, you must check anywhere wood meets soil in your property to make sure that termites have not breached that area.

Rain Causes Termite Swarming

Graphic: Termites plus Rain equals More TermitesFlying termites, also known as rain flies (or swarmers or alates), are normally visible after heavy showers. These termites have left their nest to find mates and start new colonies. We often see swarmers at night and they are attracted to the lights in our homes.

Once these termites find mates, they will find a suitable nesting area and start reproducing. This new colony could be in your home. So, you need to be extra vigilant if you see swarming termites or discarded wings indicating that termites were around.

Rain Affects Pest Control Efforts

Unfortunately, heavy rainfall will negatively affect any termite treatment you have recently put in place. This is especially the case for liquid soil treatments. They are typically diluted with the heavy rainfall that we sometimes receive here in Jamaica. This makes getting rid of termites more difficult, but not impossible.

If you use a reputable pest control company, they will know when and how to apply treatment for best results no matter the weather.

Termites and Rain – Termite Control in Jamaica

Despite the effects that rain has on termites, they are not indestructible. They need certain conditions to thrive, which includes moisture. Added with protection from the elements and the right amount of heat, colonies can survive for years unnoticed until it’s too late.

You cannot control the weather. But what you can do is put in place measures to limit termite infestations. Seal cracks and leaks in your foundation or roof to prevent termites from getting in. Ensure you use treated lumber in construction or that you pre-treat your property before you start building.

If you suspect that you have a termite problem, then call RYMO Pest Control. With extensive experience dealing with termites across Jamaica, we know how to handle termite infestations no matter the weather.

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