Top Reasons Why You Need Holiday Pest Control

Did you remember to schedule your holiday pest control? Of course, residential pest control is the last thing on most people’s minds when getting ready for the holidays. What you think about are the family and friends who will be visiting, the food and drink to be prepared, and the house to be decorated. Of course, you also think of cleaning your home and property, but that’s just usually to ensure a tidy space.

However, as you countdown the days to Christmas and go about preparing for the holiday season by cleaning and painting, don’t forget about those pesky pests who may have taken up residence. After all, no one will enjoy Christmas dinner if there are pests around.

Putting in measures to control pests and insects is necessary for a fun-filled holiday.

Reasons for Holiday Residential Pest Control

Safety Measures

Pest control is a safety measure to protect family and friends from disease and virus transmitting pests. It is also about protecting your home from rodents like mice that can cause electrical problems by chewing on your electrical wires.

Sanitation & Health Issues

With a clean and sanitary environment, all can enjoy the festivities for the holidays. If pests have taken over your baking products and have taken up residence in your home, then this is a problem.


Not all pests are immediate threats to life and property. But they do affect comfort and enjoyment of your surroundings. Spiders and lizards cause discomfort and, for some persons, downright horror due to fears. In your backyard, wasps can gather to build their nests. Pest control is needed to reduce the nuisance of pests such as mosquitoes and flies to your family and guests

Prevent Embarrassment

Would you like to be serving guests and there are flies buzzing around settling wherever they feel like in plain view of your guests? No one wants their party or home to be remembered for someone contracting leptospirosis from food contaminated by rats.

Homeowners, landlords, and renters, keep unwanted pests out of your home so that you can enjoy the festivities. Don’t bring any pests into the new year with you.

Pests After the Holidays?

With the amount of food eaten for the holidays, your home could be invaded post-Christmas with pests. Ants and rodents are famous for this. So, make the choice to NOT have pests as guests this Christmas or have them invade after the festivities are over.

If they do invade, make sure that at the top of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions list you note – contact RYMO Pest Control to schedule pest control services.

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